About Us


Company with personalized attention and a high level of productivity, based on honesty and transparency, guaranteeing that negotiations are carried out strictly following the current legal criteria.


  • Develop a company that operates under the slogan “The customer first”, with excellent human team, expert, honest and cordial treatment.
  • Guarantee that all parts in the business will achieve “your best option”, obtaining a high level of satisfaction for the customer.

Our Company

SUNSHINE COSTA DEL SOL is a legal firm of Integral Real Estate Consulting, directed and managed by lawyers registered in the Illustrious Bar Association of Málaga, Diana Patricia Rabin Spector, Collegiate N * 6381, and Francisco Alarcón Perez, Associate N * 7455.

Taking into account the provision of the best investment opportunities offered by the market, commercially intermediates and provides legal advice in buying and selling operations and real estate leasing for our customers.

Likewise, our service also includes Administration of Communities, under the responsibility of Mr. Francisco Alarcón Pérez, Associate Administrator N * 40529 of the National Association of Property Administrators; Legal, financial and fiscal advice regarding investments; integral processing of the credit taking (in case of being necessary or advisable), so that the client carries out the operation in the best possible market conditions; and after-sales service of decoration, interior design, maintenance and administration of the properties of the Costa del Sol. We have an agile real estate network along the Costa del Sol.

The Business Center operates in the city of Marbella, with offices in San Pedro de Alcántara and Mijas, and the geographic area of ​​action of the network is the Costa del Sol.

In our unbeatable facilities our Legal and Financial Department, the Administrative Department, the e-commerce Division, (the department of the Company dedicated to serving the investment and customer service needs of the on-line customer), and the Golden Division, (dedicated to the attention of large-scale projects).

The network is identified with a clear institutional image, unifying the external aspect of the premises and of the entire promotion.

The Project

The project that Our Company is developing is based on already established connections with European and American investment groups generating new developments whose promotion is developed in some cases, exclusively.

In addition, we have developed strategic alliances with investors, developers and intermediary agencies in order to extend the real estate network and business opportunities, always providing our customers with the best.

Our Team

  • Our legal team is made up of expert Spanish and English lawyers.
  • Our commercial team is made up of experts in the real estate market, all of them with great knowledge of the Spanish market.
  • Our staff is integrated in all its areas by dynamic and creative people who dominate different languages ​​(Spanish, English, German, Arabic and Nordic languages), absolutely necessary skills given the eminently international profile of our clients.
  • Our Personal, Patrimonial, Financial and Successor Planning team operates providing comprehensive legal advice as they are part of the team of lawyers trained in European Law, with knowledge of both Spanish and Anglo-Saxon law, of vast experience in the treatment of real rights, as well as also economists and tax advisors. This team provides the client with financial and fiscal advice regarding investments, and guides it in the integral processing of the credit taking (if necessary or advisable) so that the client carries out the operation in the best possible market conditions.  We capitalize daily on the experience of this team with solid professional training constituted by specialists in Corporate, Fiscal and Financial Planning, integrating a group with solid training, extensive know-how and expertise that underlies the expected success of the project.
  • Our Commercials are people who act with rigorous criteria, guided by the professionalism of our Commercial Directors and under the permanent tutelage of the professionals that make up our team of lawyers; They have training and experience, they are dynamic and creative people who dominate different languages. They re-train in our Continuing Education Program and guide their performance under the inspiring foundations of the conception of this project:
  • The customer: first.
  • Seriousness in the treatment, professional rigor in counseling.
  • Efficiency, quality, warmth and personalized attention in the service.
  • The intention of our team is for the client to perform the best possible operation and carry it out according to strict legal criteria under our expert and professional advice.

In short, we want the Client to feel that “he is not only on the Costa del Sol”.

Marketing Plan

Our Marketing plan includes both direct online marketing, aggressive presence in social networks, constant presence in local, national and international media, exhibitions, and intensive use of local and international promotion opportunities.

Financial and Administrative Plan

The Company’s management plan contemplates corporate work with high technology standing: a corporate Intranet, networking systems, work in unique environments, and a very agile information and reservation service have been implemented, which allows the client to solve practical problems. their business. The investment project is long term, in the short term our expectations are focused on providing a service of excellent quality, constantly updated with respect to legal criteria, with an aggressive marketing that contributes to this end. Being focused on a demanding market aims to generate excellence in quality and services provided.

The project leaders are Mrs. Diana Patricia Rabin Spector and Dn. Francisco Alarcón Perez, of vast experience in the field, who for years have operated in this market offering his expert advice to both clients who have invested in the real estate.