Buying a home entails a significant economic effort that, logically, requires that our choice of where to build our home be appropriate. It is advisable, therefore, to compare the different possibilities and adequately check the physical and legal situation of our new investment.

In the event that you decide to buy through a real estate agency (which is usually hired by the seller), you should know that the agencies can help you choose a property that suits your tastes and demands.

It is important to visit the house to check what offer and reality coincide before signing, the materials used, the views, the brightness, access to means of transport, etc. In the event that the sale is made on a plan, you have full right to demand when selling everything offered, namely, facilities, services, forms of payment, etc. that they included in the advertising or sale offer, and even when it does not appear in the contract.

It is vital to avoid signing or paying before having verified the previous existence of the promoter and its effective registration in the Mercantile Registry, which is the developer the owner of the site where it is intended to build and has the relevant municipal authorization for it.

Good legal advice, without a doubt, will make you avoid subsequent scares. It will assure you that it is the real owner who sells, who is not affected by mortgages or foreclosures, who is free of tenants or tenants, that the administrative situation of the property is the right one to acquire it, etc. And for this purpose, it will carry out a detailed study of the documentation that we will require the seller to provide us with, such as:

  • Authorized copy of the public deed if the property is second-hand
  • Receipt of the last annuity of the Tax on Real Estate
  • Certification of the payment of the fees of the community of owners
  • Formal demonstration that the house is not rented


Once I know what home I want and that your state is legally the right one for your acquisition, I pose a new problem: how to pay.

You probably have to resort to financing for the purchase of the house. Normally, if you have applied for a mortgage, the purchase and signing of the loan contract are signed simultaneously at the Notary. Again, it is important to have legal advice that will assure you that what you are going to sign is really what you hire and that the mortgage loan is not accompanied by abusive clauses.