There are no restrictions in order to acquire a property in Spain, so that both Spanish and foreign, community or non-EU owners can have ownership, all of them on equal terms.

The only legal requirement that a foreigner must meet, unlike a Spanish, to be able to buy a property in Spain is to request and obtain the Identification Number of Foreigners. Your request can be made personally or through a representative who represents you well in Spain or even from abroad.

Once you have decided that Spain is the place where you want to spend your holidays and in the future enjoy your retirement and that you want to acquire your own home here, it is advisable to request it as soon as possible. Obtaining it does not entail any type of charges for the owner and can be expedited with the contribution of a deposit contract or signal indicating the reality of the operation to be carried out.

Even if it is not mandatory if it is advisable to have a bank account opened in Spain, process to be done in just a few minutes and you can close it at the time you consider appropriate. Your need will be evident for the accumulation of the means of payment with which to acquire the property, in the first place, and later for your greater tranquility by paying the maintenance and other taxes that must be paid well in Spain. well in the municipality where your new property is located (such as the Tax on Real Property or the collection of solid waste).